Kylie Embury

For me, its Sea-bands we can’t travel without! I originally got them for my Dad when he was having Chemo, and they did help him with the nausea. They helped me with morning sickness nausea, and now my daughter uses them on every trip – car, bus or plane – as she gets very motion sick.

They really work for us, and we really don’t leave home without them!

Carol Clarke

I can’t thank Sea-Bands enough. My daughter has struggled with travel sickness for the longest time and this has been the one thing I know I can rely on.

It’s taken the stress out of family vacations and I recommend it to everyone. Thanks again.

Alan Mitchell

Can’t say enough about the sea bands, it is so easy, I try to convince all our cruising friends. It is the best thing that any traveller can have in their kit. We carry a spare pair just in case we meet someone on our cruises that is under the weather.

It worked on a friend of ours on the last cruise “she thought that they would not work” but she was very happy after about thirty minutes, the problem is I did not get them back!

Gemma Parker

My daughter is visually impaired and even with her car seat in the middle of the car she still gets sick, I put these on her and she had not thrown up once! They’re amazing!

Nikki Talbot

I’ve used Sea Bands in an inflatable rescue boat in rough water and they really do work!! I can’t go in the boat without them or I end up very seasick!

Anonymous review

I was quite unsure about this product. I really thought that it was just another gimmick BUT no the Sea-Band actually helped with a migraine I had and also with my child’s carsickness. I thought I would give it a go with her in the car as we were going on a long drive and no carsickness.


Anonymous review

I was quite sceptical of whether or not Sea-Band would work. While it did not completely get rid of my morning sickness nausea, it definitely made it much less severe, and made life more bearable.

I was able to go out for a meal with family without feeling ill due to food smells in the restaurant, and was able to go grocery shopping without having to abandon my trolley to dash to the toilets to be sick. I would definitely say that Sea-Band helped me to some extent, and would recommend this to a friend.

Anonymous review

Sea-Band made me more able to function whilst dealing with all-day morning sickness that was made worse when I was travelling in the car. Within a minute or two of putting the bands on, the majority of my nausea and ill feelings were gone.

An absolute relief being able to function normally again – thank you.

Juliet & Pearl

We both suffer from travel sickness. I’ve suffered since I was a child, which unfortunately affected all the journeys I went on.

As I am so familiar with the experience, I was disappointed to find my daughter also suffered from travel sickness. It affects our long trips and we have to take a lot of breaks.

We tried various old wives tales, tips and things I tried as a child EG: taking breaks, keeping the windows opened, keeping her entertained, but really aside from some success with homeopathic treatments, we’ve had the best affect from using Sea-Bands, which has really done the trick and made it a lot more pleasurable on the road.